false Opal or Not? Find out if Sydney's new transport smartcard will cost you more.

Frequently asked questions

What fares is this comparing?

Adult full fares for Opal, MyMulti, MyTrain, TravelTen (bus & ferry) and light rail, with any transfers within 60 minutes. All prices are per week.

How about concession, pensioner, one-way, multiple transfers, link tickets, Family Fun Day, airport gate pass...?

The interface aims to make it as simple as possible for regular commuters to see how Opal will affect them. But if enough people shout me a beer and tell me what they want to see, I'll consider implementing more.

Are these comparisons accurate?

Mostly, but there are a few catches:

So depending on your route and destination, the computed fare may be based on an Opal band or MyMulti/MyBus/MyTrain ticket class that's actually cheaper or more expensive that what you need to buy.

Also, please beware that these fare calculations are in no way vetted or approved by Transport for NSW, and may contain faulty numbers or faulty logic. Bug reports are welcome.

I'm trying to enter a trip between two train stations, why is it telling me to use a bus instead?

If there's a (theoretically) faster bus connection, the Google Directions API used under the hood will not suggest any trains, so it can't figure out the distance between them. Try another nearby train station.

Who's behind this and why?

There's a blog post about that.

Can I see or use your source code?

Sure, it's all on Github.

You just saved me a hundred bucks. Can I buy you a beer?

Certainly. PayPal (info at contentshare dot sg), Bitcoin ( 1LyJTcubFcJhkFEHwJX9E54n8YGoGZmHd6 ) or even in liquid form if you're around Pyrmont/the CBD in the evenings.